Coffee with friends

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One of my favourite hobbies are hanging out with my friends.
I have amazing friends, I know that  everyone can say that, but mine are the best. I don't have a lot of friends,  couple with whom  I'm really good and with whom I can talk about everything.  Kind of people that would do anything for each other, no matter how much work I have I always have time for you if you need me, kind of people.   I have more friends with whom I'm good, I drink coffees regularly and we hang out often, but I don't talk about those kind of friends here. Now I talk about my little group of friends that I'm closes with. We are like a little family, we are not banded  by blood, but by heart.  We celebrated so many birthdays, Christmases and New Years together that I can't imagine us not being together forever.  We are very different kind of people, we believe in different things and we love different things, but despite that we manage to find common ground. We do a lot of compromises when we hang out because we want different things, but no matter that we all believe in each other and support each other.  With some of them I don't even live in the same town, and we don't talk everyday and we don't see each other on regular basis, but that's not important. Important thing is that we are here for each other, no matter the miles that separate us.  I did a lot of stupid, crazy things that I knew my friends don't agree with, but they were always there to support me.  I'm so grateful for my squad, my people, my friends that turned into my family.

So, here is my on coffee with my friends. Of course I had to take pictures because I liked my outfit, and it would be such a shame not to capture it. My friends hate that I always ask to take pictures of me and they hate to do it, but they do it anyway. They curse me, but they do it because they now how much it means to me and how happy it makes me. And that is what makes them so special, and makes them my best friends. 

Outfit details:

Cap (that I'm wearing all the time)- Stradivarius
Blazer- my mothers from Varteks
Jeans - Bershka
Boots -

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  1. Predivna si,outfit ti je također divaan!♥

    Bella Place.

  2. Love so much your casual outfit and your cap looks great on you!

  3. Such a nice outfit, you nailed it.

    April of:
    IG: @Aprilnunezzz

  4. Sjajan post! ♥ Mnogo mi se dopada tvoj blog!
    Zapratila sam te, follow back? :)

    Moj blog:

  5. Odlična kombinacija, draga! Slike su fantastične, kao i pozadina! Također i ti si predivna! ❤


  6. This place is very cool, and you're perfect in this outfit for that place.

  7. Predivan post draga! :D

    Follow za follow?

  8. Great place! I love being with friends too. It's really nice!

  9. Hi! I see that you a fantastic blog!
    I really like your design and that's how you write😊
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  10. I agree, there's nothing better than coffee with friends.
    Love your outfit!

  11. Świetny post <3 bardzo mi się podoba :* oraz super blog :) obserwuję i zostaję tu na dłużej :D zapraszam

  12. Beautiful outfit!!

  13. Lovely location and super glam look!
    Kisses, Paola.


  14. Kako prelep post aaaaaa
    Jako si lepo opisala svoje prijatelje i čini mi se kao da imate mnogo lepih trenutaka provedenih zajedno, što verujem da je tačno. I baš si me podsetila na moje prijatelje koje takođe, kao i ti, volim kao da su mi rod najrođeniji. Sjajan post zaista. ♥♥

    A na mom blogu je nakon dugo vremena novi post tako da baci pogled :) I zaprati me ako želiš, i ja sam tebe.

  15. cute outfit

  16. Great pictures !
    I love your hat.

  17. Divan post draga, outfit ti je super! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  18. Hej! Świetny post, jesteś naprawdę megaaa śliczna :)

    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :

  19. Super post, sviđa mi se kako pišeš i zaista si dobra u tome što radiš, samo nastavi tako, imaš moju podršku! :) Ako želiš pogledaj moj blog i učlani se ako ti se sviđa <3 CALLOFBEAUTY


  20. such a simple outfit, the blazer gives it a special touch! :)