Trip to Opatija and Rijeka

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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to Opatija and Rijeka and I couldn't wait too much to show and tell you everything about it. So I went with my friends and reason why we went is because in Opatija was a Choco festival. I must say that I'm not a very big chocolate lover, but lately I'm surrounded with it. In November I started working in choco factory so  I see a lot of chocolate every day. But nevermind, my friends wanted to go, so I went because you don't need to persuade me a lot to go somewhere :D

Opatija was first to visit. We went to se festival first and we saw and ate lot, lot, lot of chocolate. It was so much fun. My friends love chocolate and they love to try new flavours so we tried everything. Chocolate with walnut brendy (orahovac, as we say), with truffles, with passion fruit and so many more flavours that I can't even remember. After the festival we wandered through the town. Day was really pretty and sunny,the  only problem is that north wind was very strong, but that is not something that we, from Dalmatia, are not used to. Opatija is very small and very cute, every few meters you have or hotel or villa. I loved how it looks because it has a very rich and classical vibe.

After Opatija we went in Rijeka. I was in Rijeka when I was younger and that was a very long time ago so I don't remeber it very well. Yesterday Advent started so we expected to see a lot of stands with food and drink, but that was not the case... In Rijeka wind was really, really strong, so being outside was hard. That's why we didn't see a lot of Rijeka, we walked through the main street named Korzo and then we went to drink hot tea. But we a had a great time anyways :D

OK, let's go now on the fashion part of the trip. I wore my new skirt from Zaful and I was little worried when I saw how windy it is, but the skirt really kept me warm all day long. Also I wore my new bag from Sammydress that looks like a really small bag but I managed to put everything tha I needed in it. Such a great bag :D
Scroll down to see more pictures and find links to everything that I wore :D

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Skirt  - Zaful
Bag - Sammydress
Sweater - H&M
Coat - Zaful
Scarf - Mohito
Boots - Bull Boxer

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