Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Christmas is such a special day for me! I love celebrating it, spending time with my friends and my family eating delicious food, drinking our favorite  drinks and just enjoying everything. Even when I was little Christmas was just toys for me, I loved all of the Christmas spirit. We always had a big tree and delicious food on out table and big, happy hearts! That's the reason why I still love Christmas so much and why I celebrate it every year. Day before Christmas is my favorite, I love it even more than Christmas it's self. In Zadar, that's the day when we celebrate like never, even more than on New Years Eve. It's really something special. In the morning we dress up really nicely and go in to Old Town to drink coffee to start the day, and drink something alcoholic to start the party. And then we start to celebrate and continue celebration till Christmas morning. And I can say, that this year we celebrated a lot and had so much fun. On of the best Christmases so far :D

So I celebrate Christmas with all my heart and I wish all of you merry Christmas and happiest New Year :D

Shirt - Zaful
Boots -
Dress and Jacket - No name

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  2. Srećni praznici, predivno izgledaš! <3

  3. Sretan Bozic! Prelepo izgeldas!
    Na blogu je moj novi post, u pitanju je recenzija zaful jakne <3

  4. Stunning outfit, happy new year darling!!

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  6. Odlicaan post! Slike su diivne :)
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