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Hello everyone!
Last days I don't have enough time to do outfit post but I hope that soon I will have more time to do more outfit photos and post it more regularly. But for now I have another great site from wich you can order formal dresses. My sister is having her prom in couple of months so we are searching for the perfect dress for her. I'm very excited about it, maybe even more then she is. I've always been the one that loved to dress-up, loved dresses and heels and that kind of stuff, she loves it to but little bit less. I'm colorful girl, I love colors, especially bright like yellow and red, but my sister is different. She loves everything in black, grey and dark green, you can rarely see her in any other color (ok, maybe baby pink sometimes, but rarely!). Becasue of our differences we have little bit of problem to find somthing that we both like. It's her prom, I know, but she appreciate my oppinion so she want to find somthin tjat I think it's good. And thats when we come to this site! It's called Pickedlooks and you can find anything there! And I mean anything! They have lot of diferent kind of formal dresses! We are so offten on their site choosing that I can't even explain haha. You need to check by your self. Here are my favourites :D

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  1. Very nice dresses! This light blue and red are so pretty! :3
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    Emi Chan