Working Out With Rosegal

by - 7:05 PM

Hello everyone!
Today I want to talk to you about workout! Short time ago I started workingout regularly. The main reason that I started working out is because I didn't like the way I looked and I wanted to change that. But now that time has passed I realised that workingout affects some other things besides my look. Now, that I've been working out for few weeks I see that I look better, nothing has drastically changed but I see that I've been losing weight and that my muscles are stronger. But that are not only things that changed. My diet became better, I don't crave for bad food any more, my body wants fruit, vegetables and pure proteines although I still love pasta and pizza and I eat it from time to time. Keeping tha balance :D
So, how did I motivated myself to start workingout? With a thing I like the most, shopping! You all know that I love online shopping so I went on Rosegal and ordered couple of thing for working out. And they came perfect! I will leave you few of my suggestions :D

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  1. interesting post :)
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  2. Wow, I never thought that velvet jogger pants could be that cool, especially the opened zipper at the knee <3



  3. ovaj divni post me podseti da trebam da krenem sa vezbanjem :)
    jako lepe trenerke za vezbanje!

  4. Odličan post! :))

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