About me

Hello everyone!
My name is Katarina and I'm from Croatia. I'm 23 year old and currently I'm living in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Here I'm studying social work that I hope one day will be my job and my passion.
Zagreb is not my hometown, Zadar is. Zadar is beautiful little town on coast of Adriatic sea and I always love coming back, cause you know, no place like home :) And also, because  Zadar is the most beautiful town in the world :D

I love fashion and whole my life I loved dressing in pretty stuff. Since I was little girl I loved dressing up, wearing different dresses for special occasions. Even when I played with my dolls I didn't like to actually play with them, like pretending they are live and need to do things like my friends loved to play. I loved to change their clothes, change them in one outfit, then in other and so on and so on. That's all I did. My sister hated me haha.

My love for fashion stayed since then eventhough I did a lot of other things on the way and started to be passionate about other things too. Fashion stayed my first love.
That's why I stareted this blog, to share with you my outfits and all the other things I love.
I hope you like it and you will come again :D