Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hair Care

Hello everyone!
It's so cold here in Zagreb, Croatia that I can't even explain! It makes me sick just thinking about going out in cold so I don't think about it and I rarely go out haha :D And that's the main reason why I don't have any outfit post to post. As I said, I rarely go out of the house and when I do I look like a little Eskimo and I can't put that on my blog. So I decided to post something little bit different from my usual posts
, in this post I will talk about my hair and my hair care. Recently I dyed my hair in blond and I'm so happy with how it turned out. It wasn't something that I had in mined when I came to my heardresser, she missunderston what I wanted, but it turned out great! Sometimes good things can come out from misunderstanding haha.
I'm type of a person who easily get bored especially whit my hair. I can endure one type of hearstyle for a little while and then I need to do somthing with it. I need to cut it or dye it. For last two years I cut it short, but recently I decided I want my hair to be long again. And it grew pretty fast and only thing I can thank for that is castor oil. It makes my hair grow faster and it grows more of it. Since I started using it I have so much more hair that before. I swear I don't lie.
Another thing that I can't imagine my life without is coconut oil. I put it on my hear hour or two before washing it and it makes my hair so soft and pretty! It also nourishes and prevent split ends.
I also use this Panten instant strengthening serum after washing my hair. I love how it protects my hair from heat and it gives more shine.
Gliss kur is every day regenerator that helps me to comb hair. I use it almost every day because I training almost every night so in the morning my hair is a mess.
So these are my the most favourite products for hair in whole world, as for shampoos, regenerators and hair masks I use lot of it and love to try somthing new every now and then so I don't have any favourite haha
What do you use to protect your hair?

 coconut oil

Gliss kur 

castor oil

Panten instant strengthening serum

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  1. Nice post. You are so beautiful:)

  2. I heard that coconut oil is really good for hair growth, but I never try it :( I usually take care of my hair with aloe vera, serum, and conditioner only. I think I need more natural products :)) Anyway, your new hair is soooo beautiful! <3



    1. thank you so much :D
      you need to try coconut oil it's amazing!
      but you know the best what fits your hair the best :D

  3. Super post.Ja obozavam Gliss kur proizvodxe, koristim ih godinama♥

  4. very nice post :) i like your hair.

    i also sometimes use Kokosöl for my hair. i usually use different products, nothing special. :)

    do you want to follow each other on GFC? if yes, let me know on my blog. :)

    have a nice day!

  5. hello dear! very interesting post! I use only products of Kerastase! =)do you want us to follow each other on GFC and Google+? You tell me on my blog!