Never Go wrong WIth Black Bag From Rosegal

by - 7:50 PM

 Hello everyone!
Shirt - dresses are very popular this season and I must say that I love them! I can't help it but I'm totally obsessed with that trend. Shirt that I'm wearing right now is one that I had for a very long time in my closet and it was just waiting for a perfect moment to com so I can wear it. The day that I was taking these photos was very cloudy and dark so I felt pretty dark myself and this outfit is product of that. Black boots, black leggings and black leather jacket. Only color is this royal blue on skirt but it's mixed with black so it really doesn't count. Recently I got this amazing belt from Zaful so I had to wear it. Another new thing is this cute little black bag from Rosegal. You can never go wrong with black bag, right? :D

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Bag - Rosegal
Belt - Zaful
Jacket - Zara

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  1. So stylish look ) Thanks for sharing )

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  3. Great photo! ♥

  4. Amazing photos :)

  5. You styled the shirt dress perfectly! It looks cool and stylish eventhough it's not a new stuff, well, your styling is great I think :)