Day in Primošten

by - 8:51 PM

Hello everyone!
Last week I went on a trip with my cousins in little place on Adriatic coast called Primošten. Oh I fell in love the moment we got there. The place is so beautiful and everything you imagine when you think about Dalmatia. Streets are so small and they are all coated wit rocks. Houses are also coated with rocks, for me that is the most perfect thing in the world. Another thing that I fell in love with is that every house has green shutters for windows, I love that so much that I can't even explain. All houses but one that has blue shutters and I couldn't decide which I liked more. You decide :D
I wore little off-the-shoulder red dress in which I felt so comfortable, but that's the main thing when you need to spend the whole day exploring :D

Dress - Diadema
Bag - Zara

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  1. lovely dress!

  2. Odličan post! Kombinacija je veoma lepa!♥♥♥

  3. Odličan post! Ako možeš zaprati me, uzvratiću <3

  4. Predivan post. Blog ti je stvarno super. Pogledaj moj blog i učlani se, uzvratiti ću. Nova sam na blogu.

  5. Truly awesome dress) Tis red shade is so bright!